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Who are we?

We are Ruthie and Laurel. We met during college due to a series of fortunate events. Now we have graduated and are going our separate ways in life. We spent many hours together in a kitchen. Days before leaving college, as Laurel organized tiny bottles of alcohol next to chocolate and Ruthie found an appropriate background for them, we admitted to each other that this would be fairly embarrassing if other people walked in while we were crouching down on the floor with our cameras. “These food blogger-eqsue tendencies are quite silly,” we said. But then we realized our true destiny – make a food blog…together.

Laurel likes…

…wearing lots of clothes.
…pea soup.
…food without meat, nuts, or shellfish.
…running when she is stressed.
…pretty things, especially with bows and flowers.
…really sweet white wine.
…making challah.

Ruthie likes…
…riding horses.
…key lime pie.
…feather headbands.
…foods with meat, nuts, but not really shellfish, and probably not all together.
…container gardening on her deck.
…a nice red wine or a crisp, dry white.
…swing dancing.

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